Introducing the Trickstick!

The Trickstick is a unique, hand held, full color, high resolution persistence of vision display. The Trickstick images are so striking when they appear in thin air, it's like magic!  Our little LED art project has been a work in progress for years and we're really excited that it is finally ready to go out into the world! 

Have you ever wished you could carry your bike spoke persistence of vision device at all times? Then you will love the Trickstick. Think light painting photos are sweet...but sometimes prefer instant gratification? You will love the Trickstick. Do you love flashy lights or want to attract attention any time its dark? Anywhere!? Entertain children (or adults)? Tell a story with pictures? If so, then the Trickstick may be right for you!

The Trickstick is essentially a magic wand; wave it in front of you and a colorful, detailed image appears out of thin air. It’s wireless, intuitive and really simple to use. The companion iOS/Android app lets you load, crop, and manage images and animations over Bluetooth. The Trickstick can hold a bunch of images which can be pulled from anywhere, such as your phone's photo gallery. Any image will work. Then, it’s as simple as waving it through the air, or otherwise setting it in motion, limited only by physics and your imagination.