The Trickstick is a unique, high res, handheld LED POV display. Wave it and a colorful, detailed image appears in thin air – Magic! Works great for light painting!

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Introducing the Trickstick!

Great detail and color!

What is a Trickstick?

The Trickstick is essentially a magic wand; wave it in front of you and a colorful, detailed image appears out of thin air. It’s wireless, intuitive and really simple to use. The companion iOS/Android app lets you select, crop, upload and manage images over Bluetooth -- Choose them from your phone's photo gallery. After that, it’s as simple as waving your Trickstick in the air.

How do we do it? 

Trickstick is a unique high res, full color, hand-held persistence of vision (POV) display wand.

Sure, I’ve seen POV before…!

…but never quite like the Trickstick!

What makes the Trickstick special?

People who have seen our prototypes frequently comment that the images are so striking, it's like magic! 

So really, how do we do it? 

More details in the ‘Technical’ section below, but here’s a quick overview:

  • High resolution – 1.5mm pixel spacing and 128 pixels means that with a Trickstick just a few feet away (waving it with your arm extended) you and your friends can easily recognize faces in photos. It’s like a selfie on a stick (not a selfie stick!)
  • Fast – the Trickstick can output a display line (column of an image) in just 75 microseconds; Super fast. So fast that it can spit out full frames at over 60 fps. That’s basically video rate, if your arms and wrists can swing it!
  • Accelerometer synchronization – the Trickstick knows just how fast you are waving it, and can ensure that the stored images are displayed at the right time, in the right direction, and at the right rate for best appearance.
  • Full Color depth – no loss of information, the Trickstick can display a 24-bit full color image with 4096:1 contrast ratio for incredibly nuanced colors. 
  • Wireless Upload + App integration

What can I do with it?

Trickstick images are magical. Even those who are well versed in POV technology say the effect we've achieved is truly amazing.

The brightness, color, and ability to display instantly recognizable faces from photos makes the Trickstick a great attention getter!

Use Trickstick to:

  • Amaze – few will have seen anything like this before!
  • Entertain – show funny images in real time, in real space
  • Promote – attract attention to your brand with a bright floating logo
  • Protest – adapt your message quickly to the evolving situation!
  • Direct traffic
  • Creative arts:

Light-painting – with 1.5mm pixel spacing, you can work closer to the camera while maintaining high res detail. Plus, the output line rate is so fast, you can do many things without long exposure – your eye can even perform the integration on its own for real-time ‘live’ light painting effects! 

Live performance – tell a story with a series of images – Magic!

But really, do I need one?

Yes! Because Trickstick is really, truly, unlike anything you have tried before.



Like a number of other LED gadgets – including the famous and inspirational Sharper Image holographic message clock – the Trickstick makes use of the human visual systems’ “Persistence of Vision” (or P.O.V.)  Check it out on Wikipedia. Basically, the microcontroller and LED drivers inside the trickstick turn each of the 128 RGB LEDs (actually, each individual LED chip) on or off every 15 nanoseconds. The controller and LED drivers create the right brightness (by adjusting on-time and current) for each pixel, in each column, at the right time. This ensures that when your eye sees all these LED-pixel columns/lines spread out one after the other in space (because of a combination of you waving the stick and the slow ‘POV’ response of the eye+brain) – voila – a perfect image magically floating in space! 

By including an accelerometer, the Trickstick knows how it is being waved, and can adjust the triggering and synchronization of the display timing to match your motion. We’ve included a couple buttons to make it easy to use the trickstick all on its own (standalone – even without the app) and to navigate through the stored images. Of course you will need to use the app to load your photos and images in the first place! The app (and the bluetooth interface, for those inclined to write their own app) provides access to more configuration and settings like brightness, trigger/synchronization modes, fixed display rates, that is, if you like configuration and programmability… 


  • 24 bit full color display
  • 128 RGB LED pixels (0404 1mm x 1mm square) 
  • 1.5mm LED pixel pitch (~7.5” active display length)
  • 4096:1 contrast ratio
  • 13" total length
  • Max line rate >13 kHz (line time is 75 microseconds)
  • Max frame rate > 60 fps
  • Reliable and stable rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery
  • Micro USB charging
  • 2 buttons to navigate through images + adjust settings 
  • Accelerometer synchronization and triggering
  • Bluetooth 4.2 (low energy) radio for app connectivity