Design Details

The Trickstick is a high-resolution high-dynamic-range hand-held persistence of vision display. There are 128 'pixels' in the Trickstick. Each is a 1.0 millimeter square RGB LED, and they are spaced 1.5 millimeters apart for impressive resolution. The battery is a single 18650 Li-Ion cell with plenty of capacity for a full day of Tricksticking, and conveniently rechargeable with a micro-USB plug. Two buttons on the front of the stick allow stand-alone navigation of the stored images, along with some basic display mode and parameter adjustments. A Bluetooth Low Energy radio connection allows the images on the Trickstick to be updated wirelessly from the Android and iOS apps (which can pull images from your photo gallery, any image will work). The app also allows display modes and parameters to be adjusted remotely.

The Trickstick is the outcome of several years of technical fiddling with variations on hand-waved persistence of vision displays. The hardware that became the Trickstick began as an art project with some small (0603) white LEDs on a bare circuit board, and produced a single flickering black and white half-tone image of Charlie Sheen. Since then it has grown enormously in sophistication and usability, with a bunch of tiny RGB LEDs for exceptional resolution and full color depth, an accelerometer to synchronize the display with motion, even the ability to play animated GIFs, all in a nicely balanced case with an integrated rechargeable battery.