Congratulations on your new Trickstick! For safety reasons, the Trickstick is shipped without a full charge. So the first thing you should do is plug it in and charge it. This is really important. Any micro-usb cable can be used, this plugs right into the back of the Trickstick.

To charge, you can use any standard 5V socket. So this could be a laptop USB port, or a smart phone charger. The indicator LED on the Trickstick will flash red when charging. It will go solid green when the charging is complete. 

The Trickstick is meant to be used with the companion iOS and Android app, but it does come preloaded with one image. To check it out, all you need to do is turn on your Trickstick and give it a wave.

To turn on your Trickstick, simply press the top button. Then go to a dark place, wave it in front of you and see the image appear in thin air!

To turn off your Trickstick all you have to do is hold the bottom button for one second. When you see the lights start to travel down release the bottom button.

Downloading and Using the App

This is where the Trickstick really comes alive. Using the iOS or Android app, you can download any image from your phone onto the Trickstick. You can also control the settings on the Trickstick, this is really handy if you want to try lightpainting with your Trickstick.

The Trickstick lets you control when the bluetooth is on or off. This helps save the battery life. To turn on the bluetooth so you can connect with the app, turn off the Trickstick, hold the bottom button, then press the top button releasing both buttons after the top is pressed. 

The bluetooth is on if the indicator LED turns blue.

To download the app, go to the app download page from your smartphone and select Android or iOS. Then follow the prompts on your screen. Once you download the app, open it up and you should see the home page.


From the home page you can take a new picture, or select one from your gallery. 

From here you can crop, rotate and adjust the brightness of the image. Before pressing send, make sure the bluetooth is on. Instructions on how to do that are above. 

Once your ready click send! Then select the Trickstick of your choice from the list, shown below.

Select the location you would like to store the image. The Trickstick can hold up to 50 images. If you select a location with an image already loaded it will override the image. If you've got more then one image loaded on the Trickstick, you can cycle through them with the buttons.

After the image loads, wave your Trickstick to see it appear! The settings button in the top right of the app lets you control some of the features of the device. You can learn more about that on the Light Painting page. The page also includes a little guide to help get you started light painting.